the cornerstone of creativity

Head over to the bar for an abundance of Barefoot Wine and concept your next big ad campaign. Play, laugh or cry in this modern open area where you can chat about what happened on Game of Thrones last night or who decided to invite her to that meeting. 

Expansive storage

With more than adequate space to accommodate all of your glasses and cups, you'll be sure to find at least one (mostly) empty cabinet during the course of the day. Looking for a coffee mug? Perhaps take a trip down to the 16th floor, where there's a healthy surplus accumulating in the well-appointed kitchenette.



Conveniently located inside the footprint of the 16th floor's photo studio and mere steps away from the Megadesk, this spacious nook features everything you need to prepare a spectacularly delicious frozen burrito or Hot Pocket®. You'll also find a collection of mugs and drinking glasses that have been 'relocated' from the kitchen on 17.


You may have found yourself asking, 'is this recyclable? Compostable?' but now you'll never need to ask that again. There's ample space for you to stack everything that might be garbage (you weren't done eating that? Sorry!) into an out of the way corner. If it starts to break down after a week, yep! It's compostable!