Nothing says productivity like a long corridor of humans doing great work. You'll sit elbow-to-elbow with your esteemed colleagues, keeping you in easy ear shot of all of their conversations and giving you real-time updates on all of their projects! As an added bonus, you'll receive deep insights into your coworkers' lives, from their eating habits to their bathroom break schedules! You can't buy the special brand of 'team-building' this that level of workplace intimacy provides.


Even working alone in an empty conference room, you can't escape the synergy! It's not just written on the easel — it's a word we use a lot.

Because it sounds good to clients. And it's kind of fun to say. Synergy. See?

STorage, With a view

So ample are the beautiful views of the city of San Francisco from 555 Market Street that some of the windows can be repurposed as additional prop storage. That'll come in handy for any last-minute or low-budget photoshoots.

photo studio

This 'professional-grade' photo studio occupies a tiny corner of the 16th floor, spilling light into the Mega-desk working space and brightening morale anytime something needs to be shot. Grab your props out of the window and get that shutter snapping!