Arrive on the 17th floor after a brief elevator ride to be greeted by lovely views of San Francisco's Financial District.

Guests can make themselves at home on luxurious designer sofas with wobbly, unstable legs while attempting to connect to the wifi network.

After they give up, they can entertain themselves by observing the confused delivery personnel wandering aimlessly around the space after disembarking the freight elevator, located on the opposite side of the 17th floor.

Market Marker Mural

Pretend you're sitting in traffic in our beautifully lit reception area! Make sure you choose the couch on the left as the one on the right is a little iffy!

Open-top offices

Revel in the illusion of privacy without actually having any. Thanks to the walls that don't extend to the ceiling, everything you say will echo throughout the floor, keeping others abreast of your thoughts, feelings, or favorite T.Swift songs.

INDOOR country club

Practice your swing while you catch up on emails in one of the private putting areas. Sorry, ladies — men only.